Wife Traps Bastard Hubby on Facebook

by duncanr

Steph and scumbag Simon

When Stephanie suspected her husband was less than 100% committed to their marriage, she posed as a 21yr old blonde bimbo on Facebook called ‘Laura’ and became one of his ‘friends’.

Almost from the start he was flirtatious, seeking to set up a rendezvous for some ‘fun’ – confirming her suspicions that he was likely to stray.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, to her horror, he confessed he was married but also told “Laura” he was having an affair with another woman.

To find out how important their marriage was to him, she arranged to meet him as “Laura” then tried to set up a meeting with her husband – as herself – to discuss the state of their marriage – at the same time as she had set up a date to meet him as Laura.

Forcing him to choose between meeting with his wife or with a blonde bimbo for a bit of ‘nookie’ was a test of his commitment to their relationship. He cried off meeting with her – citing a previous ‘business’ meeting at that time.

Unsurprisingly, the couple are now divorced

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33 Comments to “Wife Traps Bastard Hubby on Facebook”

  1. Errrr … ahem …. *cough* … is this a hint? :razz:


  2. There must be thousands like him around the world; the difference being that he got caught.


  3. It’s not a pretty story and it’s disturbing that the wife got so petty and nasty.


    • are you serious? petty and nasty.. not exactly my thoughts. more like brave and savvy!


    • I’m with Lynn on this one!


    • Fight!

      But one that I’m staying out of….


    • Oh NO Nobbles … we’re not fighting … we’re disagreeing in a ladylike manner (that should get some comments!!)

      It’s when you see the claws, then you start running ……


      • Well, I give you petty.. that was wrong. But she went out spying on him, why not confront him and talk rather than trick him?
        Granted, I’d be pissed as hell too, but I don’t think I’d have set him up like that? Maybe?
        he’s the one who cheated and he’s the one at fault, I totally agree. I just think she went about this in a way that wasn’t honorable either.. (if one can talk about honorable w/ a cheating asshole of a husband)


  4. Oh! You women just don’t understand . . !


  5. Ohhhh … he’s a keeper all right.


  6. Hello All
    It is Steph (the wife) here! Just to let you know I did try and talk him him but he cancelled our meeting to meet the pretend Laura. Stella and I had just arrived from Australia but he said he was busy! Prior to that he had admitted his ‘error of judgment’ shag ( he could hardly deny the skype conversations he had on our joint account, tres stupide) said it has been a one off and was all finished. I was still wanting us to be a family (my tres stupide moment it seems). He obviously had a plan B and other ideas! Any further clarification….. please ask!


  7. You GO Steph! Those men that think they can have their bread buttered on both sides deserve to be made arseholes out of!

    (Incidentally, a few years ago I caught my ex b/f out in exactly the same way – on a dating site – luckily for me I wasn’t married to him, but we do have a child together).

    “Those who laugh last, laugh the longest!!!”


  8. G’day Steph, and everybody else.

    It’s one thing making smartarse comments about a news story when it is remote, but another when one of the involved parties is around and joining in the comments. All of a sudden it seems infinitely more personal, and for once it leaves me stuck for something to say.

    Nonetheless, although I (nor anybody else on here, presumably) don’t know you personally, I’d like to say how sorry I am for the predicament in which you found yourself.

    Shit happens in life, but sometimes it gets a thorough stirring before floating to the surface, and no-one benefits from that.

    (Funny… the spell checker wanted to change ‘smartarse’ to ‘metatarsel’…. that long talk that I had with it, about getting it to toe the line must have worked.)

    Many thanks for commenting


  9. No need to be sorry – I was in the situation, I am now out of it and much better off. He wanted the bread, the butter and jam on it! Now all he has are stale crumbs (oh, I like that!)
    HE is currently on his way back to Australia with his new wife (who regardless of what he told her, shagged him even though SHE knew he was married and that we had just had Stella ( she had bought me a gift!!!)) and they will be living close by, however he stated he WOULD NOT be seeing Stella.
    As he has not contributed to her upkeep either I really had nothing to lose, but the opportunity to expose him for the liar and coward that he is.

    Keep smiling! It makes people wonder what you are up to!


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