U,D,F,C,K,E – spells . . .

by duncanr

Contestants on the TV show “Countdown” spared the programme makers blushes by opting for “safe” 5-letter words rather than offering the rather obvious “rude” 6-letter word.

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3 Comments to “U,D,F,C,K,E – spells . . .”

  1. ARGHHH! – The dreaded F-word


    It’s an absolute disgrace; I’m writing to The Daily Wail about this erosion of decent British family values on television. You can bet your bum that immigrants and benefit cheats are behind it.


  2. I’ll raise you a black-on-black knife crime, a “You couldn’t make it up” and a BUPA ad.


  3. I’ll see your stuff and raise you an ‘Angry of Surbiton’ and a Conservative Government.


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