U.S.A. Security Sucks

by duncanr

An Egyptian born American citizen (i.e., swarthy complexion ?) has been detained at Cairo Airport after arriving on a direct flight from New York.

The reason he was detained ?

Egyptian security check of his luggage found –

two pistols

250 bullets

two swords

and 11 knives

In case you didn’t notice my emphasis above, the man arrived on a direct flight from New York.

Guess someone might want to ask how he was able to board a plane in New York carrying such an arsenal of weapons in his luggage ???

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11 Comments to “U.S.A. Security Sucks”

  1. WHAT? Did the yanks think that as it was outbound it wouldn’t be a problem to them?


  2. are you serious? …and those bastards took my good merle norman cleanser because it was liquid and over 2 ounces…


    • Mrs D was in Chicago at a Trade Exhibition when terrorists attacked the twin towers. All outward bound flights were cancelled for a few days afterwards. When the company pulled some strings to finally get her on a flight back to the UK she had things like her nail file and hair spray can confiscated. Guess US airport security regard a nail file as more threatening than a couple of guns, swords, and knives :roll:


  3. Have you ANY idea the damage a nail file can do? Shove it in, yank it around a few times, up and down, swivel it around … can make a right damn mess you know :roll:


  4. juile, you really gotta do something about that spasticity!! dave mentioned a drug called valium in his post today -perhaps it could help? :-) :-)


  5. :lol: Lynn – the way I feel about some people, the Valium will just make me smile while I’m yanking that nail file around …


  6. Oh, ignore Ratty when he starts waffling in the early hours of the morning – he likes his wine you know :lol:


  7. In Texas, they would call that “lightly armed” …


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