Hell Hath no Fury . . .

by The Madhatters

A woman in Northern India caught her husband cheating on her with one of his colleagues at work and . . . well watch the vid and see

[thanks to Alexis for finding this]

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15 Comments to “Hell Hath no Fury . . .”

  1. Hell yes!!! You GO girl ….

  2. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned is indeed true. Here in America, the police would definitely have broken that up, and quickly.

  3. How humiliating and degrading to be beaten with a high-heeled shoe, by a woman half your size.

    Hell, I’d pay good money for that.

  4. I must admit I did not watch the whole video yesterday, but found it rather funny that the wife used her sandal. Having watched it now, er….it certainly did get ugly. Why do women & men usually pull at someone’s hair during a fight?

  5. Heck, I cannot see a heel, looks like a flat sandal. Tonight in SA, ‘Cheaters’ begins at 9:30pm. I usually change channels due to the violence and I thank God that I am single.

  6. @NobblySan

    Lol !! I thought she was kidding !

  7. @NobblySan

    No man and I mean NO MAN is worth fighting over or fighting for. I abhor violence…best to pick up your marbles and walk away or as I did a few years ago, run away !

    • Wise words, Alexis.

      The trouble with Julie is that she’d leave the bloke on his hands and knees on the carpet frantically searching for his own marbles to pick up.

  8. @NobblySan
    I dreaded checking my emails this morning because I feared a swipe from Julie!

  9. @Julie

    Must admit I miss your sense of humor on this blog. I guess you are responding to the threads that I haven’t subscribed to :(

  10. @Duncanr

    Thanx for the info. Hope she’ll be back soon.

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