What is it?

by Julie

Duncs has kindly offered a HUGE prize for the best guess ;-)

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28 Comments to “What is it?”

  1. Nutcracker seat?


  2. It’s bloody disgusting, that’s what it is – and I claim Duncan’s 1p!


  3. Obvious really. It’s a photo of Julie’s invisible boyfriend.


  4. ratty you are quite quite write to smell a rat. The prize may well be HUGE, but who pays the postage??


  5. It even looks smelly


  6. a work of fart?


  7. Could be Kim Jong Il’s face mask….he’s quite a dick!


  8. Well I guess it could even be one of those heart-lung models, pinched from out the back of Christian Barnard’s place? (Eh? Julie?)
    No but seriously, sorry for asking but
    Is it made from what it looks like it’s made from…
    …maybe sanded down to a smooth finish after letting it dry out a bit?


  9. Built for comfort? Maybe, but the wood up your crack defeats the purpose.


  10. Ancient wooden dinner plate, with special compartment for meat ‘n’ two veg.


  11. A sit down urinator or bum chair.


  12. Scotsman’s bar stool, with specially designed wedge to keep his wallet shoved firmly up his arse, where no English bastard is likely to go looking for it.


  13. I’ve seen this – when I was taken on a tour of Eton School by an OB with whom I used to work.

    They call it ‘The Mercy Seat’, and it is kept in the walk-in refrigerator in the kitchen, for the occasions when over-enthusiastic thrashing, and/or sexual abuse, has resulted in an abnormal haematoma count in the gluteus maximus, perineal and scrotal areas.

    Apparently, the last person to need it was


  14. Someone has balls of steel :(


  15. How about: “Julie was here” ?


  16. It’s called “The Seat of Turin.”


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