Are we supposed to feel sorry for you?

by Julie

Erica Mae Butts and Shanita Latrice Cunningham… it’s a pity you are such scum of the earth … your performances may have won you an Oscar each!!

‘They beat her repeatedly both with a belt and with plastic coat hangers. You can see the outlines of the strikes on this child’s body. There is not one area of this child’s body that was unharmed except for the soles of her feet.’  That was the fate of little Serenity Richardson who was all of 3 year olds when she went to visit these two psychotic devils!

You want to hyperventilate and collapse in shock?  I would have helped you down to the devil …. you knew what you were doing, it was fun for you wasn’t it?  Perhaps your remaining days that you will spend in prison for the rest of your pathetic lives will take on an entire new meaning!

People like this need to be taken to the public square and left at the mercy of people who can do the same them as they did to an innocent defenceless child …. the devil has more principles than you have !!!!  YOU SICK M***ERF**KERS!!!!



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11 Comments to “Are we supposed to feel sorry for you?”

  1. Does anyone have a chainsaw lying around? I hate those b*tches! People who harm or worse – kill children deserve a punishment equal to their crime. Honestly for other people prison may be enough of a sentence for these women, but to me it is not! I hope they get ass raped in jail!!!

  2. Ass raped and chain-sawed!

    Thankyou BB by sparing us indecencies likely to offend, by inserting an asterisk

    • Lol Ratty… Rat… I’m weird like that. I babysit kids so sometimes I’ll censor things even when I’m commenting or blogging. I was upset when I read this news then and I still feel upset now.

  3. BB, it is I that should apologise. You are genuine.

    • You can call me Bitter, Bitte, or Bittersweet. Do you mind if I refer to you as rat or are you dead set on being known as ratty?


    Nice to meet you, BB.

  5. Yeah, tried getting me to have dinner with him once….

  6. Sorry to get all serious, but going back to Julie’s, theme, please sign this petition:

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