Sex Banned on Religious Grounds

by The Madhatters

Boozy Brummies have been having it away in the cemetery around St Mary’s Church in the Moseley area of the city.

Council officials and the police, however, take a grave view of the matter and have announced any couple caught ‘cavorting’ in public will have their sorry ass hauled off to jail.

The council took action following complaints from members of the public not participating in the sex, and the collection of statements from 28 ‘peeping toms’ witnesses

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6 Comments to “Sex Banned on Religious Grounds”

  1. “…will have their sorry ass hauled off to jail.”


    Too late, he’s gone.

  2. Maybe you have got oldtimer’s disease, Duncan?


  3. Shit, sorry. Was thinking it starts Friday.

    Well why the fuck doesn’t it?

  4. Ha! Ha! Ta! (Got nothing to post, though…)

  5. Gawd, that’s enough to raise the dead!! (Could I send b/f over there?)

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