Bewilderment is …..

by Julie

Bewilderment is .....

Tuesday 7th August 2012 – Johannesburg Zoo, South Africa

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8 Comments to “Bewilderment is …..”

  1. Julie?


    The name sounds familiar.

    She used to appear here quite a lot, but now she’s rarer than snow in Johannesburg.

    • Haha Nobbles – you’re so funny!! Is me, is me …. I’m back … hopefully the snow wont be though, I’ve never been so damn cold in my entire life!! This is the 3rd time I’ve experienced snow – 30th July 2007, 1st September 1981 and two days ago – and by gosh was it freezing!!! We went from 23 degrees the day before, to -4 overnight and 4 on Tuesday – quite an adjustment for us! It snowed for pretty much the whole day, just not enough to settle on the ground so I could build a snowman though, yet over the hill they had huge snowmen – darn was I miffed … I at least wanted to shove a carrot in his face!!

  2. Darn….. Gosh….. Miffed?

    Have you been on a 1930s English aristocracy course or something?

    • Just trying to fit in with the toffs ….. how am I doing so far?

    • If you like, I could always re-write it in the usual ‘Julie’ style … but then you’d have people thinking I’m a foul-mouthed South African :-) (one blob for Nobbles)

      • I say! Dashed bad form, what?

        Kindly desist with your use of those frightful yellow monstrosities; would you, please?

        • Hear, hear ! I should cocoa, what?

          Did you hear, Nobbly? Those damn South African types (not italic) don’t even bother to dress for dinner* anymore !

          *That’s posh for “teatime.”

  3. Hmm !

    The comments on this article are in roman.

    I luuurve variety, and italics of course, which I’ve already mentioned (in italic.)

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