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September 1, 2015

Wire Cutters

by duncanr

two robots mining a distant planet meet up and . . .

September 1, 2015

Call Me a Cynic but . . .

by duncanr

victorexcuse me if I view this story with a certain amount of skepticism

a young French woman, meets a guy in an Australian pub

they have a one-night stand

she flies home to France the next day

a few months later, she finds she is pregnant

unfortunately, she . . .

September 1, 2015

Kittens Swim to Safety

by duncanr

two Alabama men fishing on the Warrior River catch more than fish – two kittens (probably dumped by their owner) jump into the river and swim towards their boat

September 1, 2015

Wankers Wanted

by duncanr

kitchenerwell, well – who would have thought it

seems there is a shortage of wankers in the UK

a year after the UK National Sperm Bank was set up in Birmingham, only 9 men are on its books as registered donors –

folk often ask how I’m going to occupy my time after I’ve retired next year

£35 a ‘shot’, the Sperm Bank just down the road from me – it’s tempting :lol:

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August 31, 2015

The Pig Farmer

by duncanr

August 31, 2015

April and June

by duncanr

and there’s more . . .

August 31, 2015

Keeping Dry in the Wet

by duncanr

rain_animadotoday is a public holiday in the UK and, as is usual on these occasions, the clement weather of the last few days has vanished, to be replaced by rain

in fact, it is pissing down in my part of the UK right now

fortunately, I bought a new umbrella last week which will hopefully keep me dry when I venture out to the shops later

but what about folk caught out in the rain with no brolly ?

if only there was . . .

August 30, 2015

The Highest Bar in the UK

by duncanr

climbers editedyou may have read a few weeks back about a couple of sassenachs who climbed to the top of Scotland’s highest mountain, Ben Nevis, and then moaned about the lack of facilities, i.e., no bar, restaurant, or toilets –

well, as far as a bar is concerned, seems they picked the wrong weekend !

August 30, 2015

No Officer, I Haven’t Been Drinking . . .

by duncanr



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August 29, 2015

They’re Fucken Refugees – not Migrants !

by duncanr

not waving but drowningthere was a time when folk who sought refuge when their homeland was wrought by war, and they feared for their personal safety, would be described as refugees

there was a time when folk who sought refuge in another country for fear their lives were in danger in their homeland because of their religious or political views would be described as asylum seekers

that is no longer the case

there are no refugees now

there are no asylum seekers

instead, there are just . . .

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