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December 19, 2014

Drug addiction check

by NobblySan

Here’s a fun little calculator…

December 7, 2014

What a knob!

by NobblySan

OK – I know.
The eagle-eyed buggers among you will have doubtless spotted that I’ve used this title before; but I’m afraid that in this instance, nothing else would do.


November 12, 2014

Sheer comic genius

by NobblySan

Well, maybe not.

But well worth a look, anyway.


November 11, 2014

Don’t we all just need one of these…

by NobblySan

Well, apart from ratty – who already has enough of the stuff.

October 19, 2014

The real reason ratty’s resolved to relinquish the red raleigh

by NobblySan

Just in from our antipodean correspondent:-

(that’s allesklar by the way, in case you hadn’t sussed it)

Amazing stuff, and a stunt that ratty could not possibly hope to emulate on his (t)rusty steed on the Casablanca bypass.

October 18, 2014

The spelling may be different, but….

by NobblySan

Discovering that your wife  is full of gin is never an ideal start to a marriage

October 18, 2014

First case of ebola-induced insanity in the UK

by NobblySan

_78304795_jon2There are ways of being a good, responsible parent and safeguarding your child’s welfare. Then, of course there are other ways, such as

October 14, 2014

Brummies shave off beards to avoid ‘Scotsman stigma’

by NobblySan

Or have I got this wrong?

Read on, Macduff

October 14, 2014

I’m sorry, but I can’t beat the Beeb’s headline

by NobblySan

Goldilocks Burglar escapes porridge.

You can’t do better than that.

October 12, 2014

Thanks go to allesklar…

by NobblySan

…. who has just submitted this gem via email.

Today’s “Word of the Day” from


Thank those clever Swedes for giving us this word to designate a method
of athletic training for runners in which jogging, sprinting, and fast
walking alternate. The components of the word mean “speed play” in

allesklar, however, doubts this rather suspect definition, and suggests…


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