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August 9, 2014

What a knob

by NobblySan

Hells teeth!

Please can we have a whip round to help this poor family?

August 5, 2014

“What the fuck was that?”

by NobblySan

…was the general gist of the question being asked around our office earlier this afternoon.

The cause for this outburst, and the accompanying rush to the window, was the sudden and ridiculously loud

August 5, 2014

Boris Johnson: Britain will be great and glorious outside the EU

by NobblySan


Seeing as Oyia Brown is always reblogging our stuff, I thought I’d return the compliment….

Originally posted on Oyia Brown:

Britain would have a “great and glorious future” if it left the EU, Boris Johnson has declared.

The country has “nothing to fear” from life outside the European Union with a free-trading relationship with the continent if renegotiation fails to deliver significant reforms.

David Cameron’s immigration target of “tens of thousands” of net migrants “made no sense” due to the EU’s open borders. Instead, London requires a rigorous American-style system that discriminates on talent, the Mayor of London said.

Mr Johnson will tomorrow endorse a report by Gerard Lyons, his chief economic adviser, which has concluded that quitting the EU would be better for Britain than remaining on its current terms.


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August 4, 2014

It makes you proud to be British.

by NobblySan

…or maybe not.

July 21, 2014

A top class pome from one of those Mental Men

by NobblySan

I did try using the ‘reblog’ thingy, but it just sat there, telling me that it was ‘Reblogging…’ until I got fed up with it and shouted  “No you’re fucking not!” at the screen.

This earned me a disapproving look from one of the cats, and further reinforced MrsN’s opinion that I am going daft.

Anyway… to business.

Check this out.



July 19, 2014

Pic of the week

by NobblySan

I’m posting this one in recognition of the years of service offered to this blog by Mr. Fernando Gonzalez J. Twatsworthy III – Rightful heir to the Duchy of Cornwall and part time traffic warden.

This colourful character, known for his mood swings brought on by years of alcohol abuse and chafing caused by nude cycling, is better known to you all as

July 16, 2014

It’s the law

by NobblySan

Bloggers in France have to be nice to people.

July 14, 2014

It’s a bloody good job…

by NobblySan

… that English football fans are generally too pissed up (or pissed off…?) to be able to raise the enthusiasm for this sort of stuff every time their team lose a match.

If they did, then there’d

July 7, 2014

The clan Mc Laughing-stock

by NobblySan

Oh for fuck’s sake!


What were they thinking?

Read ahl aboot ‘et.



July 7, 2014

ratty’s tax avoidance scheme uncovered

by NobblySan
Early homo rattus returns to the cave from hunting down a wooly giant chicken nugget meal.

Early homo rattus returns to the cave from hunting down a woolly giant chicken nugget meal.

We have long suspected that our aged colleague has been stashing away a bit of cash in order to reduce his enormous tax liability.

The standard method for such a scheme is to hide your money under the mattress, but given the vast amount of cash amassed by ratty over an incredible number of years dedicated to fleecing a variety of customers, clients and innocent bystanders, he has had to resort to hiding the stuff elsewhere.

Tax inspectors from The National Trust working in partnership with financial archaeologists dedicated to studying the ancient tax affairs of homo rattus, have made a major discovery…


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