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November 21, 2014

Caption this . . .

by sticky


November 3, 2014

Caption this . . .

by sticky

AXE Astronauts Bring A Taste Of Space To The Kentucky Derby


Pic: Brad Barket, Getty Images

September 22, 2014

Flaw x flaw

by sticky


When my brother and I began potholing as late teenagers, 40-odd years ago, we were dependent on others for transport, as neither of us drove. That the club we joined was based in our small

April 8, 2014

That’s Handy, Harry…

by sticky

Harry Hopalot likes to hop. That’s certainly true.

But what else does Harry like to do?

September 7, 2013

A Message From Alan Partridge

by sticky

NNDR's Alan Partridge

NNDR’s Alan Partridge

Comedian Steve Coogan has generously pledged to double any donations to Hacked Off, the group which campaigns for regulation of press excesses, and for implementation of the Leveson Inquiry’s recommendations.

Now, in an outrageous attempt to undermine Mr Coogan’s beneficence,

August 11, 2013


by sticky


stick’y (adj.) adhesive:  tenacious:  gluey:  muggy:  difficult (coll.):  unpleasant (coll.) (Chambers English Dictionary).

‘Sticky’ is one of the most popular words in the English language, and is responsible for describing a wide range of both pleasurable, and unpleasant, experiences (although the above definition doesn’t adequately reflect the two extremes).

However, some experiences incorporate both,

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July 31, 2013

Shut the fuck up!

by sticky


American GIs are trained in eloquence

American GIs are trained in eloquence

“Shut the fuck up!”  Obviously an Americanism, but one of the better ones. When one is appealing for a bit of peace and quiet, there’s nothing like being direct, and a high level of distress usually requires this approach.

If the racket isn’t that bad, and you’re still relatively in control of your emotions, sometimes a polite “I say, old chap, would you mind awfully keeping it down a bit – I can’t hear myself fart over here!” might suffice.

And, of course, you shouldn’t use bad language in front of children, so the


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