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July 1, 2015

It’s the fucking hot weather, you dozy twat!

by NobblySan

Honestly, I don’t know where the BBC get these people who author their website.


June 30, 2015

Summer’s here, and the time is right for ….

by NobblySan

I’m sorry, but bollocks to dancing in the street.

What could be better than going to a musical festival, having a few drinks and then putting up your tent?

Well, going to a music festival, putting up your tent and then having a few drinks would make life a bit easier. Although, I’m not sure that the crowd of onlookers would have had such a good laugh.

June 28, 2015

ratty cooks (vol. II)

by ratty
There has been an unprecedented demand, in the form of an email, calling for the pretentious, pseudo-French ratty cooks column to be made into a weekly feature so, this week, fellow gourmets, ratty is going to show you how to make the culinary delight commonly known to the aficianado’s of home cuisine as . . .

June 28, 2015

Weird shit

by NobblySan

I know that the weather around here is variable at the moment, but this is just bloody silly.


June 22, 2015

ratty cooks

by ratty

Hello and welcome to ‘ratty cooks.’

Today my wife took the kids, wished me a two-fingered goodbye and stormed out of left the house.

Don’t go jumping to silly conclusions. This wasn’t the result of any marital strife or friction between us. Oh dear, no. It’s just that she wanted to visit her sister, and she can stay with the bloody old interfering slag until she climbs down off her fucking high horse and comes crawling back to apologise !

June 21, 2015

A Brief History of the British People

by ratty

‘Twas in the annum, circa 200, (or around about then) that a tribe of Nomadic peoples settled and prospered on a mightie terraine in Northerne Englande.

Ffolke-lore has it that one of its inhabitants, an unfortunate of the male sexe in his forth decade, contracted the Devil’s deformitie of what was called ‘MOOBS’ and the settlement became thereafter known as Man-Chester.

In a secluded quarter of this idyllic paradise lived a commune of peoples who, due to their propensitie for consuming anciente, festering porke, had their village named accordingly.

Mightily, the Llorde, in His Mighteousness, visited a plague on them for their dietary transgression, rendering them just two bushels in vertical stature.

He, the chieftain of the Clan, was knowne to alle as NobblySan, the terme meaning . . .  (Censored) . . . who was betrothed to a faire maiden who went by the name of ‘Happy.’

June 19, 2015

Please define ‘advanced’, Mr. Obama.

by NobblySan

Is see very little in news emanating from the USA that suggests that they are in any way a morally, ethically and culturally advanced country.

June 14, 2015

Er, no Thanks – Forget It

by duncanr


June 12, 2015

Army brutality

by NobblySan

I thought that the Yanks’ behaviour at Abu Ghraib was disgusting, but it appears that the Welsh could teach them a thing or two when it comes to brutality.

June 8, 2015

It helps if you can understand t’Yorkshire dialect….

by NobblySan

…but it’s still a compelling read, and makes at least this idle bugger realise just how lucky he is.

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