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December 28, 2015

The Art of Drawing

by duncanr

this guy is a natural communicator and inspirational speaker !

November 16, 2015

A’m Dunfoonert

by duncanr

black squarepretentious prats art historians have been reeling with shock at the discovery of a racist comment hidden underneath a famous painting


I’m shocked to discover a black square painted on a canvas is considered to be ‘one of the world’s greatest artistic masterpieces‘-

February 7, 2015

Cloud Cock Up

by duncanr

what do you see, folks, when you look at this piece of sculpture ?

clouds and raindrops?

yeah, me too

some people, however, who don’t share our eye for art claim to see a big dick – bloody philistines !

council-funded phallus

January 21, 2015

Meet Pricasso

by duncanr

the clue is in the name – ‘Pricasso’ is an Aussie man who paints with his penis

any madhatter readers [you’re excused, inchcock] want to try this at home and submit the results of their artistic endeavour in the comment section? :lol:

October 14, 2014

Caption this . . .

by duncanr


more pics in this series here –

September 23, 2014

The Life of a Woman

by duncanr

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August 24, 2014

Can You See It Yet ?

by duncanr

April 22, 2014

PlopEgg Painting

by duncanr

Now I’m not that interested in Art – a lot of it I think is pretentious crap

But now and again I like to post a little ‘culture’ to madhatters, to show we are not all insensitive barbarians here, unable to appreciate the sensuous interplay of colours on a blank canvass, the resultant arbitrary patterns highlighting the complexities, stress and strains of modern urban life

Not to mention the symbolic power of the Casual and the creative power of femininity as Milo Moire drops paint filled eggs from her vagina

February 21, 2014

But is it Art ?

by duncanr

Oops !

Oops !

A cleaner in Italy is in trouble after she mistook a pile of paper and cardboard, and some crumpled biscuits left lying on the floor of an art gallery as rubbish and threw the whole lot out

City marketing commissioner Antonio Maria Vasile said . . . “It’s clear the cleaning person did not realise she had thrown away two works and their value” (

Hhmm, I’m not so sure she made a mistake . . . perhaps she was more of an art critic than the commissioner gives her credit for.

I suspect many folk will agree with her opinion that this piece of ‘art’ was in fact a load of rubbish :lol:

September 12, 2013

Man with Cock Tied to Penis Arrested

by duncanr

cockerelAccording to his lawyer, Steven Cohen wanted to . . .

evoke his situation, split between two countries. South Africa, his native land, and France, where he lives at the moment

Jeez, I got that straight away.

I took one look at the photo of a man at the foot of the Eiffel Tower dressed in high-heeled platform shoes, wearing a garter, thigh-length tights, long red gloves, with long, wild feathers emanating from his head and hands, and a cockerel tied to his penis – [pic here –] – and immediately thought . . .

‘this guy is making a powerful statement about his struggle to balance his past and his present

I mean it’s bleeding obvious, innit ?

Sadly for Steven Cohen, the French police do not . . .


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