December 25, 2020

Oh, sorry . . .

by NobblySan

I nearly forgot.

Merry Christmas to whoever may be looking in and reading this.

December 21, 2020


by ratty
December 13, 2020

Hey Joe! Spock just called. He wants his ears back

by NobblySan
pic courtesy of my having nicked it from the BBC news site

December 12, 2020

Nothing for the weekend

by NobblySan

The first Something For The Weekend post appeared sometime in 2012 – posted by our (now long departed) friend Duncan, as a vehicle for readers to post music that they’d been listening to that week, or just simply liked.

Since Dunc’s disappearance, we’ve tried to keep it going; from my perspective based on some misguided notion that I’d somehow be letting down Duncan if we missed a week or let it lapse completely.

However, it’s clear from the lack of engagement, that it’s all a little pointless; and to be honest, something of a chore rather than a pleasure.

So, sorry Dunc, if you’re still around – or even still alive – I’ve had my fill of it, and am pulling the metaphorical plug on its life-support .

Quite how long before we do the same with the rest of the Mad Hatters remains to be seen, but it sure as hell aint what it used to be.

December 5, 2020

Something for those en-Tranced

by NobblySan
November 28, 2020

Something a bit classical

by NobblySan
November 20, 2020

Something for people who listen to cover versions

by NobblySan
This bloke could sing a football terrace chant and it would sound beautiful

November 15, 2020

More AMAZING Stuff . . .

by ratty

After reading our piece on the “BACK-UP SENSOR”

(I mean, you did read it, didn’t you ?)

Yes, yes, of course you did ! (?)

Well, since that time, you’ve probably been chaffing for some more of the same.

Fortunately, I have a knowledgeable friend who has emailed me the following


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November 11, 2020

Back-up Sensor

by ratty

Lots of the newer cars have a Back-Up Sensor that warns the driver before the rear bumper actually comes in contact with something.

Who invented the backup sensor?

I bet you think it was Ford, maybe GM, how about Chrysler, no, then how about Mercedes Benz? Or possibly the French or Italians.

No! It was a Chinese farmer!

Surprisingly it was not developed by modern automotive engineers using the latest technology. It was disclosed recently that the first to develop the Back-up-Sensor was a Chinese Farmer. His invention was simple and effective. It emits a high-pitch before the vehicle backs into something..

Here’s his first prototype‚Ķ

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November 7, 2020

Yes! Fucking Yes!

by NobblySan

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