Samosas are Off !!!

by duncanr

I work in Wolverhampton. Whenever it is someone’s birthday, the custom is that they buy Samosas for the rest of the Workforce.

At least once a week, you can count on there being large cardboard boxes in the canteen containing these Asian Savouries – obtained from a local ‘Sweet Centre’, that does a great deal for bulk buys.

It’s my Boss’s birthday tomorrow. He put a notice up outside the canteen this afternoon announcing that he would be providing cakes for all tomorrow instead of the expected samosas.

The reason for this break from tradition became clear later as disturbing rumours began circulating about the supplier of our Samosas.

Click here . . .

Gulp !!! 😦

18 Comments to “Samosas are Off !!!”

  1. Honestly! People are so finnicky about their food these days.

    Now, when I were a lad . . .


  2. I wasn’t born 😆


  3. … and Noah was still at shipbuilding college.


  4. In the Middle East, they are known as Sambusaks. NO! Not the people – the Samosas. The Samosas are known as . . . Aw, for f*cks sake!


  5. They were bloody good samosas too. I used to grab 3 or 4 on the pretext they were for other folk in the office who were tied up on the phone 😆


  6. I hate my slow Internet connection. It doesn’t allow me to defend myself when “certain others” take the piss out of me. And my slow responses make me look thick.


  7. “tied up on the phone . . ?

    Where DO you work, KinkyD?


  8. By the way, are there still Wolverhampton Wanderers?

    (I’ve bloody agonised for minutes over the structure of that sentence and whether it should be a “,” or a “:” after the “By the way”…thank you very much ratarsed)


  9. My pleasure.


  10. This is way too bloody educational.


  11. Any road up (as they say round ‘ere.)… what did this dead bloke die of?

    Maybe he’d had one of the cakes from the shop next door. Try circulating that as a rumour Duncan, and you’ll all end up buying boiled sweets instead.


  12. Any vodka bottles lying mext to the body? 😉


  13. Madhatters’ Update Service

    It has come to our attention that the link in Mr Robertson’s historic article, above, is no longer valid.

    In order for Mad Hatters fans – who might stumble across this – to enjoy the story, hours of painstaking research have been undertaken to re-establish the source of the author’s amusement.


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