Fassssssial Masssssssage

by noseycow

Visit Israel and you too can have a snake massage.

Ssssso relaxing

Ssssso relaxing

When you thought it couldn't get any worse...ugh

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse.



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10 Comments to “Fassssssial Masssssssage”

  1. No, no, no – not snakes. I can’t stand the wriggling things …. urrgh.


  2. It’s one of the nicest feelings around! Having a python wrapped around your neck … you should all try it one day!


  3. Julie,

    I can think of a number of people who should try having a boa constrictor wrapped round their neck……..


  4. I have a nice photo of me and a python, but that’s not what you mean, I would hope 😉


  5. I’d have a go at what’s going on in the pictures.

    Of course, someone would have to shift those bloody snakes out of the way first.


  6. They’re nice and soft and warm. Just make sure they’ve eaten enough before you put them around your neck.


  7. Carmen, my list probably consists of a few names on your list 😀

    But truly, nothing beats the feel of a python around your neck … although as Chatelaine says … make sure they’re not hungry!


  8. Julie

    I’ll fight you over the ‘A’s,

    ‘B’s’ and ‘C’s I’m prepared to split with you………


  9. Now now ladies we’re not naming those snakes now are we? 😉


  10. Darnnit Carmen, I was going to be generous … I would have just taken the A’s and you could have had the rest 😀


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