Medicine for Bad Memories?

by noseycow

Scientists claim to have found a chemical way of erasing bad memories from the brain, without causing any other damage.

Any takers?

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6 Comments to “Medicine for Bad Memories?”

  1. What’s wrong with good old alcohol!


  2. . . . or joining the French Foreign Legion?


  3. or, come to that . . . the British Legion!


  4. Hactually, I was in the Foreign Legion, after being thrown out of the SAS, (for being too hard.)

    Cor, the stories I could tell you . . .

    BUT, we’re not allowed to talk about it !


  5. Hey, I’m on a roll, and everyone’s gone to bed !

    Just as well, I suppose. I have plenty of “obo” (MFI slang for surveillance) to do, and in my job you don’t need distractions. Why, only last week I nearly had my cover blown when someone said, “You call yourself a Graphic Designer?” “You couldn’t design shit!”

    Ì looked it up in my code book, and ran it through a complex deciphering programme using my daughter’s PSP – it decoded as “Useless Wanker”.

    Boy, that was a close thing, but, at least, I’ve managed to maintain a credible image.


  6. Ratarsed – the (visiting) dogs are looking at me all shocked like.

    They obvioulsey don’t have a sad soul, who sits looking at a screen and starts choking on their coffee and spluttering all over their dressing gown at 5.30am, in their home.

    Gonna have to shove the thing in the washer before I go to work now.

    Thanks a million!!! 🙄 😉


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