Festive Song #1

by duncanr
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6 Comments to “Festive Song #1”

  1. You know I actually listened to 2mins of this before hitting the stop button… duh! 🙄


  2. We’ve got a bloody soft toy reindeer that plays this godawful tune.

    I may stuff it with some dog biscuits this year and leave it to the mercy of the pack of hounds.

    Two of them will eat anything. Katie the labrador has managed to chew up the cheesegrater and a AA battery recently, with no ill effects; so an electronically enhanced reindeer should pose no problem.


  3. BAH HUMBUG!!! 😀

    I purchased a (very cheap) door bell, that plays ‘It’s a small wordl’ VERY loudly. (it needs to be loud because I can’t hear it out the back or upstairs).

    But those buggers called children have taken to unplugging it when ever they go past – so now I never know if someones at the door. 😡


  4. Unplugged it?

    I’d have taken a bloody hammer to it.

    I endured the ‘It’s a small world’ ride at Disney Paris years ago, and swore “never again”, only to have to put up with the damn thing a few years later in Florida.

    The merest hint of the tune now gives me horror flashbacks of oversized, over-excited American kids going, “Gee Mom! Look at the funny li’l (….insert nationality here…) guy!”


  5. Duncan I love that song! Drive mrT nuts by playing it very often.
    This one is also one of my favorite Christmas songs :


  6. I just LOVE the small world ride and force my kids to come on it again and again and again…. 😀

    (well you got to get your own back some how!)

    QT – thanks a million….sigh 😉


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