Hunky Santa

by duncanr

The Beverley Center, Los Angeles has two Santas each year. One, the traditional ‘ho, ho, ho’ Santa – the other, a ‘hunky’ Santa designed to appeal to the ladies – and certain gentlemen! 😉

This year’s ‘Hunky Santa’ is Eli Wilhide who has appeared on shows such as “CSI Miami”.

Apparently, Eli loves grownups to sit on his knee while whispering their most secret wishes in his ear.

I bet he does – the dirty bugger !!!

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8 Comments to “Hunky Santa”

  1. Do I detect the slightest hint of the green eyed monster Duncan? 😆


  2. Nosey, have you checked the Santa Baby link above ?

    ‘Includes everything shown (except skin and shape ‘ PMSL 😆


  3. blooming heck Duncan , me pictures gets everywhere these days. 😉


  4. You wish !!! 😆


  5. Just wait till Julie clocks him!!! 😉


  6. DIRTY BUGGER? I shall offer to scrub him … very gently of course … I shall ensure that every little area of that … drool …. scrumptious …. slobber ….. body is attended to 😀

    I wanna deliver my Santa list personally to him ….. ‘scuse me while I go shower in a hurry ….


  7. will he give you that diamond ring you’re lusting after??? 😉


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