Sex party planned

by duncanr

gstring A web site is advertising plans for a New Years Eve ‘Sex’ party.

The Party is restricted to the under-40s.

Organisers of the event have banned male guests from wearing briefs, while women are only permitted to wear G-string underwear which has to be removed after midnight.

The party will take place on a remote beach in . . .

the southern Johor state of Malaysia, bordering Singapore.

“A sex party is against our culture and religion and if it went on, it would damage the country’s reputation worldwide,” Tourism Minister Azalina Othman said, according to the New Straits Times.

Source . . .


20 Comments to “Sex party planned”

  1. See what happens as soon as WT moves out of the place?

    With her complete abstinence from alcohol and foul language, she must have been such a miserable, puritanical influence that they’ve gone wild in celebrating her departure.


  2. Dirty wee bugger!

    Couldn’t resist clicking on the link to find out where the party was being held, could you !!! 😆 😉


  3. Oh … so now we know!

    We’re sitting with TWO dirty wee buggers in the cafe 😀

    I foresee a baby boom in nine months time …….


  4. Nice evenring ware but a little to tight…A/T, Adam and Eve fashion director.


  5. ‘even ring ware’

    I don’t know about ‘even’, it probably wears it a bit more on one edge than the other.


  6. Under 40’s only?

    That’s ageism, that is.

    As a Septogenarian (Libra too), I waggle my stick at them.


  7. Don’t let plod catch you waggling your stick in public.

    Remember what the magistrate told you last time….?


  8. They said that I needed a long stretch.


  9. Nobbly, are you pissed at me cuz you didnt get an invite??

    Sorry, i did tell them that last year’s do was a bit cold, and well….that would account for your….ahem….economy size…errrr package. so to speak.

    You should be right for this years’ event. Just make sure you wear the cock ring eh?


  10. Am I the only one staring at Ratty’s avatar, waiting for the little black squares to start moving all over the place like one of those snake games on my mobile phone?


  11. Dallas Texas, a place where there are no sex parties or sex…..this is the bible belt a place of guilt and lust…and so my story is about …the Psychic……Sex party……something of the past…A/T.


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