Emperors new clothes

by noseycow

The Onion have bloggers buzzing by reporting the introduction of the first keyboard free laptop, the Macbook Wheel…

The clues are out there ROTFL !

3 Comments to “Emperors new clothes”

  1. 😆
    Millions of Americans have no doubt placed orders already!!


  2. CHippy – if you want a laugh – go have a look at some of the blogs about it!!! ROTFL 😀

    ( I can’t wait till their improved 4oz lighter version – with no screen, hard drive or wheel hits the market!!! 😆 )


  3. 😆 the term ‘there’s one born every minute’ comes to mind…..

    I’ve got a communications system that requires no hardware whatsoever…. its called a brain….. 😆
    [Wonder if I can market it?]


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