Hold on lads. . . I’ve got an idea

by duncanr

Daniel Lyons, 34, had a lucky escape when his van careered off a mountain road in Colorado.

In a scene reminiscent of the closing sequence of the movie, The Italian Job, Mr Lyons van’s plunge down the rock face was arrested when it struck a projecting rock and was left teetering on the edge of a precipice.

Emergency services were able to rescue Mr Lyons from the van and manoeuvre him back up the cliff face – from where a helicopter transported him to hospital where he is being treated for minor injuries

‘He’s lucky to be alive’ said Park superintendent Joan Anzelmo.

It is not certain that Mr Lyons shares that opinion. There are rumours that, far from being an accident, Mr Lyons deliberately drove his van off the cliff in a failed suicide attempt – an explanation given some credence by the lack of any skid marks where the vehicle left the road.

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4 Comments to “Hold on lads. . . I’ve got an idea”

  1. Re: “…lack of any skid marks…”

    Despite leaving myself wide open to accusations of being crude and of employing base humour in order to make a feeble and entirely predictable joke, I’ll plough on regardless:-

    There may not have been any skidmarks on the road, but I bet there were a few elsewhere.


  2. I agree Nobbly!


  3. Give a bloke a break. It’s like deciding to gas yourself to death, then finding you don’t have enough two-bob bits to feed the meter.

    . . . and that shows how long ago I lefty thje U.K!

    And hows- recently I’ve had a drink


  4. Are you trying to bump yourself off with cheap North African wine, Ratty?


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