Colorado man – a sex offender ?

by duncanr

Yesterday evening, the Cafe carried a report about a Colorado man, Daniel Lyons, who became trapped in his van as it balanced precariously on a rock outcrop after plunging over a cliff.

We raised the suspicion that this was not an accident but a failed suicide attempt – pointing to the lack of skid marks where the car left the road.

Today more information about Mr Lyons came to light which strengthens the suicide hypothesis.

It appears that 4 hours before his car plunged over the cliff Mr Lyons was questioned by police over allegations that he sexually assaulted a 4yr old girl.

In a sworn affidavit, the girl alleges that Lyons assaulted her 5 times.

Mesa County police said Lyons will be arrested upon his release from hospital.

One Comment to “Colorado man – a sex offender ?”

  1. Can we put him back in that van …. and let it gently teeter on that edge for a couple of days ….. oh and don’t bother feeding him … he’s a waste of space anyway …. 👿


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