Greedy ‘Pig’ !!!

by duncanr

Customers looked on in amazement as a Police Officer argued with staff at a KrispyKreme outlet in Brisbane, Australia, demanding he be given ‘free’ doughnuts.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” a witness said.

“He was quite rude, insisting his doughnuts should be free.’

After arguing with staff for several minutes, the unhappy officer stormed off – empty-handed (and hungry).

Prior to this incident, the restaurant had been giving any unsold donuts left over at the end of the day to the local police as ‘freebies’.

It appears that the Junior Officer wrongly thought the free doughnut arrangement applied at all times.

As a result of his behaviour, however, KrispyKreme have stopped the practice of giving local police free doughnuts. Instead, any doughnuts left unsold at the end of the day will now be given to the ‘homeless’.

The young officer has been ‘reprimanded’ by his colleagues –

“Everyone’s a bit annoyed because they were a nice treat at the end of the day with a coffee,” a police spokesperson said.

The officer has also been hauled before his superiors. A spokeswoman for the Queenland Police Service said –

“A constable from City Beat received managerial guidance at the time of the incident,”

‘managerial guidance’?

Is that Aussie-speak for a ‘kick up the arse’ ?


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