Caylee Anthony – Funeral

by duncanr
Caylee Marie Anthony

Caylee Marie Anthony

Thousands of mourners lined the streets of Orlando today for the funeral of Caylee Marie Anthony.

The service – arranged by Caylee’s grandparents, George and Cindy Anthony – was held at the First Baptist Church and was broadcast live on TV.

Two-year old Caylee disappeared in mid-June but wasn’t reported missing by her mother for more than a month. Her remains were later found in December, in woods near her home.

Her mother, Casy Anthony, is currently being held at the Orange County Jail charged with her daughter’s murder.

She said she didn’t approve of the service and apparently did not ask to watch it on television.

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7 Comments to “Caylee Anthony – Funeral”

  1. there’s something seriousley wrong with this family… poor little child 😥



    I find this terribly distressing and distasteful …. FFS she was a little girl, MURDERED (by we all think we know who) …. and now they want to market a TRIBUTE DOLL …. how pathetically sick! 👿


  3. Julie

    I agree – this is sick !!!

    This so-called business man sounds more like some fly by night trader with a load of dolls on his hands he can’t shift who’s come up with the bright Idea of sticking a caylee t-shirt on them and marketing them as a ‘tribute’ doll.

    FFS the dolls don’t look anything like the poor bairn. They don’t even have the same colour hair as Caylee!!!

    I’ve just become the 247th person to think the bloke behind this scheme is a tosspot


  4. I hadn’t spotted that link.

    This is below being sick. Unless the immediate family are involved, I’m amazed that he’s not been stopped from doing it.

    249 to 28 now….

    So there are at least 28 friends or relatives of Salcedo out there.


  5. Make that 250 to 28 …. I was so fugging pished off I didn’t even spot the poll!


  6. I think they should have put several T.V.’s in Casey’s cell and forced her to watch the memorial with the volume as loud as it would go. And by the way what promise did her brother make to ” CMA” Did he promise he would never tell the circumstances of Calee’s death??????


  7. victor – that was very odd. I too thought he was telling his sister that he was very proud of her and to hang on in there…. you wouldn’t say to your dead neice ‘its been so long since I’ve seen you?’ would you???

    and what’s with the grandfather?? saying that “Caylee (3) really knew how to push him to hug and kiss her” 😯 what sort of comment is that to make about your murdered grand daughter??


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