Now you see them . . .

by duncanr

now you DON’T !!!

92 videotapes of CIA interrogation of suspected terrorists were destroyed by the CIA on the orders of Jose Rodriguez, then head of the CIA’s National Clandestine Service.

The tapes are reputed to have shown the use of controversial techniques such as ‘waterboarding’ – thought by many to be a form of torture.

Then-CIA Director Mike Hayden wrote in a December 2007 memo to staff that the tapes were made as “an internal check” on the CIA’s use of harsh interrogation techniques and the decision to destroy them was made “only after it was determined they were no longer of intelligence value and relevant to any internal, legislative or judicial inquires.”

The destruction of these particular tapes had nothing to do then with the legal challenge by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) seeking release of these taped interrogations under the US Freedom of Information Act as part of its investigation into claims that the CIA had tortured terror suspects.

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2 Comments to “Now you see them . . .”

  1. Waterboarding? I thought that was some sort of sport ….


  2. Is anybody really surprised by this?

    The American government and its various ‘agencies’ are even better at being two-faced lying bastards than the Brithish government.

    …and that takes some doing!


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