1 x Big Mac + 2 x Chicken McNuggets = McMaths

by duncanr

More than 1.4 million students at schools in Australia are to be given free access to an online Maths program sponsored by the fast food giant, McDonald’s

When they open the program on their computers, students will see the McDonald’s logo and the words:

“Proudly provided by your local McDonald’s restaurant.”

Secondary Principals Association president Andrew Blair said McDonald’s was making a “generous contribution to building the foundation skills of Australian students”.

Not everyone, however, unreservedly shares that opinion – Professor Bobby Banerjee from the University of Western Sydney College of Business said the program might improve students’ maths but it was also promoting McDonald’s.

“There is a return for the company – they claim they are doing it to serve the community but that’s not entirely true,” he said.

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5 Comments to “1 x Big Mac + 2 x Chicken McNuggets = McMaths”

  1. It’s particularly ironic, because no one who works at McDonald’s needs any maths whatsoever – that’s why they have tills.


  2. “might improve students’ maths but it was also promoting McDonald’s.”

    No shit, Sherlock!

    …and this bloke’s a professor? Strewth!


  3. WIB – thats not fair- they have to be able to count to at least 9 otherwise how will the know how many mcnuggets are in the box??? 😉


  4. Is this the drive through?

    Could I please have a triple Big Mac, double chips & a banana milkshake .. and two helpings of the nuggety things …. and three cheeseburgers PLEASE!!


  5. ooheer stop it – i just fancy a quarter pounder and cheese 😉


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