Ratty – NAKED !

by ratty

Sorry girls (and guys!), I just wanted to see how many hits I could generate.


34 Comments to “Ratty – NAKED !”

  1. Duncan, don’t you dare interfere with some whacky photo off the internet.

    This experiment is based solely on my sexiness (incredibly high, I would think) on the image I have conjured in peoples minds, through my posts.

    I thank you.

    PS : Do you have adequate bandwidth?


  2. is it me – or has it suddenly gone very HOT in here??? 😆

    and my screen seems to have shrunk…. pmsl 😉


  3. Me and all us peoples in Ratvian have collective multi-pull organisms when ratty, we think of.

    Ja, Ja, Ja, O-U-I !!!


  4. those orgasms cause us all sorts of problems in the nhs Boleslaw 😆


  5. I think Nosey means that Mrs. A orgasm; the one that all the big noise is about.


  6. Just checked the site stats, Ratty – somewhat surprisingly, there doesn’t seem to be much interest in seeing you naked. 😆


  7. do you know her then nobbly??? 😯


  8. You come near me with no clothes on Ratty, and you’ll generate a hit alright.

    If you’re lucky the bruise won’t last too long.


  9. Yeah, Nosey.

    I had that MRSA once, but it wasa bit passe, you know – a bit common.

    So, I went to our local hospital and swapped it for some C.Diff. Now that was really cool – more of yer select sort of infection. You know, not the sort of stuff that any old riff raff get to catch.


  10. Just give it 24 hours for the word to get around the internet!!!


  11. i don’t think anyones that interested in nobblys cdiff! 😉


  12. I’ve read all the above comments, and understood . . . NONE!

    You guy’s are freakier than even I, an acknowedged orgasm inducing poster with wit, charm and a well turned ankle, can even begin to explain. (follows latest theme).


  13. You’ve been out of the country for too long Ratty – it’s a very British thing.

    Even though it sounds suspiciously French (clostridium difficile).


  14. Right on Nobbly, mate.

    I now know that it’s hip to be “difficult” clostridium(Babel-fish is a wanker!)


  15. ratty – at your age its all TOOOO common 😉


  16. Sorry Ratty, but final scores for page views on 21st March was:-

    cherie blair naked – 1307

    ratty naked – 2

    Maybe if you claim to have had octuplets as a result of colliding with a US submarine whilst on a skiing holiday….


  17. I’ll work on it. . .


  18. alternatively you could find madela…. 😳


  19. What I want to know is how it came up with Tony Curtis on possibly related posts! 😯


  20. I think Ratty owes us an explanation, don’t you ? 😆


  21. Has he been having a fiddle and a tweak Duncan? 😆


  22. do you think it was the thought of duncan in his pink shirt what done it??? 😯 😉


  23. Now, now Duncan – calm down.

    I bet you look quite peachy in your pink shirt 😉


  24. Peachy is a more feminine form of pink ….. 😈


  25. well i believe that it is silky – so feminine may not be far wrong 😆 😉


  26. MrsT,

    Your threatening and overenthusiastic use of smilies this morning is forgiven.


    I mean – five nil!!!

    It’s beyond what I could have hoped for.

    All I need now is for England to beat the West Indies (looking doubtful) and andy Murray to kick the waaay too athletic arse of Rafa Nadal (even more doubtful).


  27. Ahem, could we now have a re-look at how many hits I registered?


  28. Cor!

    You’ve got 34 hits today Ratty!

    Add that to your 2 from yesterday, and you’re closing fast on the uber-sexy wide mouthed frog that is Pete Booth’s little girl.

    Only another 1271 to go.


  29. I, being the gentleman that I am, concede defeat.

    (f*ck it, f*ck it, f*ck it!!!)


  30. Being the gentleman that you are Ratty, I know you will forgive me when I join in with Nobbly’s sentiments :

    5 nil to the Super Reds – stick that up your jacksy Sir Alex. Oh, by the way – how did you get on yesterday ……. ooops, silly me – YOU LOST!
    How did Chelski do – oh yeah, THEY LOST!
    ( I don’t know how long this winning streak will last so I’m making the most of it)

    Right, where were we …….


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