Who are you trying to kid?

by NobblySan

The caption for this photo, as featured in TMZ is:-

“The handsome trio look so good it’s as if they were frozen in time.”


I’m very sorry to spoil the theatrical atmosphere, but to my untrained eye, the only freezing that one of them appears to have seen is that of the cryogenic variety.

La Lansbury, listed here as being 83 must be at least 136 if she’s a day, going off this photographic evidence.

What is it with luvvies, that they have to congratulate each other on looking ‘absolutely fabulous, dahhhhling!” when they in fact resemble a practice dummy from the elementary embalming workshop at the local undertakers college?

…or am I being a little unkind to someone whose finest moment was in ‘Bedknobs and Broomsticks’?

24 Comments to “Who are you trying to kid?”

  1. If ever there was an argument for euthanasia !!!


  2. It would be a kindness really


  3. It’s pretty frightening, isn’t it.

    I’m sure that most old biddies would look far better just being themselves, rather than trying to look glamorous, and end up in the ‘mutton dressed as….’ category.


  4. The really frightening thought is the realisation that the pic has most probably been ‘touched up’ to make them look ‘better’ and the reality is even worse than the photo portrays.


  5. Of course, we’re just simply gorgeous as we are, and don’t need to resort to such artificial beauty aids, or photoshop.

    …or shoes with high heels.


  6. It’s a sad fact of nature that men and women age differently.

    Women deteriorate with age, whereas men ‘mature’.

    Women get wrinkles, whereas men develop ‘character lines’


  7. …and black eyes, and a funny walk if we carry on with this line of debate while the wimmin are around.


  8. Isn’t it quiet without them?

    Gives us a chance to get a word in and to have a serious, insightful conversation about important matters like the mating practices of the lesser-spotted Cornish male following his migration to the warmer clime of North Africa.


  9. I’m so envious of your “character lines” Duncan. I wish I had, at least, one.

    Honestly, I’m sixty, but keep getting mistaken for a 20 year old who has dyed his remaining hair a fashionable, white.

    Can’t stop, off to a rave.


  10. 60 ?

    That’s young for a septuagenarian !!!


  11. I used to be sixty.

    When I was a Kid!


  12. What’s the weather like in Septuagenaria at this time of the year?


  13. In the sixties.


  14. Oh for fuck’s sake….


  15. Wouldn’t want to bump into Ms Lansbury in a dark alleyway …. SCAREY 😯


  16. Wouldn’t want to bump into Ms Lansbury – anywhere


  17. If you bumped into her too hard, bits might fall off.


  18. Eeeew …. and I’m almost on me way to bed …. what pleasant dreams I’m gonna have ….

    Ms Lansbury falling apart at the seams ….


  19. Well, I would!


  20. No, only kidding.

    Bedknobs and Broomsticks, hmm?


  21. Julie Andrews?

    No way!

    But..hang on, who’s that scrumptious little cutie in the middle?


  22. That’s me, you old fool.

    …and “No!”, before you ask.


  23. ‘scrumptious little cutie’ 😯

    Someone needs to go to Specsavers !!!


  24. Yeah, but doesn’t Julie Andrews look great?! She’s aged very well. Can’t say the same for that bird in the middle though. What’s his name? Rupert Everett? lol


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