A christian fundamentalist agenda? Surely not…

by NobblySan

For some time now I’ve been becoming increasingly worried about religious fundamentalism, and its effect on our way of life.

Most people (especially those in the UK who read the Dailies Mail or Torygraph) will immediately think of bearded, wild-eyed, be-turbanned muslims (preferably clutching AK47s for added dramatic effect) when fundamentalism is mentioned. But it is not this particular flavour of religious nutter that leaves me quaking in my boots at the moment.

It’s the christians….

Even prior to Duncan posting the intriguing/amusing/worrying (delete as appropriate) video of the three young victims of experimental lobotomy, I’ve been actually upset (now there’s an old fashioned word) by the sheer intolerance of the well-indoctrinated youth of more extreme christian right, to anything that doesn’t appear in their interpretation of an ancient religious book of prose.

Add to this, the fact that the Intelligent Design bunch are now regarded as middle of the road liberals by the more extreme Creationist nutters that claim valuable airtime, and I reckon that we’re in trouble.

Of course, the mainstream churches of the world don’t condone such extremist lunacy, do they?

I mean, that nice German bloke who is god’s representative on earth will surely talk sense, won’t he?

He wouldn’t be so crass as to ignore the huge weight of medical opinion surrounding the preventative value of condoms in the fight against AIDS, just to peddle some outdated religious doctrine, and try to get bums on pews, would he?

I mean, he wouldn’t want to align himself with the sort of nutters who shun all science as satanic mumbo jumbo.

Surely not! Or maybe he wishes to cherry pick the particular bits of mumbo-jumbo science that suit him.

There are however, plenty of folk around who will question the role of those seeking to undermine science. Luckily, this being a free country, they have a solid platform from which to keep their exposes of religious and other anti-science nonsense in the public eye.

Or do they…..?


13 Comments to “A christian fundamentalist agenda? Surely not…”

  1. Nobbly – i don’t think its christians or muslims or atheists who are scary, i think its people who deny others the right to think or believe something different. I have come across Chelsea supporters who are almost as frightening 😉


  2. As some of you know, I live in a multi-racial, multi-cultural area of Brum.

    I have a church in the street in which I live. A mosque down the road, and Hindu and Sikh temples nearby.

    Curiously, the only folk that come round my door actively seeking to discuss religion with me with a view to bringing a poor unbeliever like me ‘into the light’ are the Christians.

    Well, when I say ‘discuss’ that is perhaps not the best word to accurately describe the exchange. My attempts to gleefully trip them up are invariably ‘answered’ by selected quotes from the bible that are delivered rote like. There is little attempt to actually have a discussion because they appear immune to any kind of logical argument or debate. Things are the way they are because that’s the way the Lord made them and we poor lowly creatures cannot hope to fully understand the ‘ways of the Lord’ etc, etc

    When they call round my door now I just tell them to ‘f*ck off’

    Mrs D doesn’t approve of me doing this – but it saves me and them from wasting each other’s time !!!


  3. I invited them in for a coffee and a chat…. they seem to have avoided my house since then… 😳


  4. You must give me the recipe for that coffee !!! 😉


  5. Mormons, we seem to get our fair share of ’em.

    My dad used to do something similar Duncan – open the window and shout ‘p*ss off’ until one day he opened the door to them and who should be walking past to the local shop but my uncle (his brother-in-law).

    Instead of the usual profanity he stood calmly talking to them on the doorstep. Off they went with a smile on their face and a crafty smirk on his.

    About an hour later a very irate uncle came bursting into our house …….

    ‘ Which one of you buggers sent ’em round to me? What the bloody ‘ell did yer tell ’em?’

    He took one look at my dad’s face …. ‘You bastard’ he said seeing the funny side ‘ It took me a bloody hour to get rid of ’em and only after I gave ’em some money …. I’ll get yer back, yer bugger’.

    I still haven’t tried that one yet ……..


  6. Thanks for that story, MrsT

    I’ve made a mental note to send the next lot round here over to Nosey’s for a cup of coffee 😉

    (pink shirt, indeed !!!)


  7. Nosey, re: football intolerance – that’s an altogether different level of religion.

    Duncan, I once got approached by a couple of earnest ladies attempting to get me to read ‘The Watchtower’. Trouble is, I had my head buried under the bonnet of my car at the time, and they sneaked up the drive without my knowing they were even there.

    “Hello!” said one of them cheerily, scaring the bejasus out of me, and startling me into slipping with my spanner, ramming my knuckle against a sharp bit of something metallic and unyielding, and cutting it to the bone.

    “Fucking hell!” yelled I, not quite so cheerily.

    As I spun round to face my attacker, I flicked spots of blood in a graceful arc, right across the coat and face of one of the earnest would-be saviours of my poor soul.

    “I think we’ll leave it”, her friend said, as they beat a hasty retreat up the drive.

    They’ve not been back.


  8. 😆 😆 😆

    Sorry about the smilies Nobbly but it did make me laugh and it definately sounds like something you would do!


  9. whose blood was it nobbly? 😯


  10. The ‘Fucking hell’ I could manage but not so sure about flicking blood from a cut finger.

    Think I could quite comfortably combine the ‘Fucking hell’, though, with a suggestion they head in Nosey’s direction where they can be sure of a ‘nice’ cup of coffee and a chat 😆


  11. I agree with noseycow, I think that religious believers and football supporters have a strange ‘blind faith’ in common.

    But if you want really scary read this.

    Coincidentally, about halfway down that page is a defunct YouTube link. Not removed by YouTube this time but by the user, a former student of these sad excuses for schools. I can only wonder what pressure caused that.


  12. Thanks for that link Andy.

    The link leads to a piece on the Christian Institute. To be honest, when I saw the heading I thought Nobbly’s post was going to be about the C.I.

    As he pointed out some weeks ago, this seems to be a shadowy organisation whose intent, in part, is to exploit situations in such a way as to present the media with ‘sensational’ stories depicting Christians being disadvantaged/discriminated against because of their beliefs.


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