by noseycow

Researchers have ‘discovered’ that sisters spread happiness while brothers spread diseases. People who grow up with sisters are more likely to be happy and balanced.

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I have 3 sisters!!!

I have 3 sisters!!!

7 Comments to “Sisters”

  1. Are you the exception that proves the rule then ? 😆


  2. There’s a definite family resemblance 😉


  3. certainly is – nice pic don’t you think? 😆


  4. They need to go on diet … too much grass is obviously not good for you!


  5. too much grass also = flatulence !!! 😆


  6. we are all perfectly well rounded I’ll have you know!!! 😆


  7. Two sisters, two brothers, all younger than me, for all it matters I might as well have been an only child….. disfunctional families ‘R’ Us here…..


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