Don’t PANIC!

by noseycow

But  some family members of an employee who helped to organise a recent white house aides trip to (gasp in horror) MEXICO, have tested positive for PROBABLE swine flu!!!

Or something like that …. see here

Fell free to predict the headlines next time President Obama sneezes….


5 Comments to “Don’t PANIC!”

  1. Lets have a whip round and get ALL our useless politicians on a trip to Mexico…….


  2. Face it Chippy; if they did get flu who would ever notice a few more sweaty, immobile, coughing and spluttering people in the Palace of Westminster.


  3. AND it would be a bugger spotting the dead ones……..


  4. I have a few of our politicians that I’d like to nominate to visit Mexico ………

    And if they’re dead when they’re transported back …. well quite frankly …. DILLIGAF ? 😆


  5. LOL, the way things are going sexy lady we won’t need to send the useless buggers to mexico………


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