Police Brutality ?

by duncanr

A man in Birmingham, Alabama,attempting to flee from the police, was thrown from his car when it overturned. The unconscious man was then kicked, punched, and beaten with a baton by several police officers. The incident was captured on film by the camera on the squad car.

The unconscious man who thought all his injuries were the result of the car crash was not aware he had been beaten until the video emerged at his trial.

Five officers identified in the video have since been dismissed from the force.

Additional action is expected to be taken against supervisors who saw the film but did not report the matter higher up.

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[The comments submitted by people on this source article make for interesting reading !!! ]


2 Comments to “Police Brutality ?”

  1. He deserved every little bit of it … pity they didn’t dish out more!!


  2. How is the victim of his hit and run?


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