Nobbly Nearly Naked

by duncanr

garden-gnome-pipe-9r-200It’s been a long time coming

(Some would say ‘not long enough’)

Inspired by nursemyra’s ‘Corset Friday’ posts, the MadHatter’s have in recent weeks been showing that anything nursemyra can do – we can do at least as well.

Ratty and Noseycow were first up to the plate. This week it is Nobbly’s turn to show the world what he’s got.

Last week, nursemyra raised the stakes somewhat – with a tantalising peek of body hair.

Never let it be known that our Wee Nobbly is scared of a challenge.

He has thrown off his semmit, and his long-johns, and removed the bunnet frae aff his heid – (he drew the line at taking his socks off though) 🙄

Ladies (and gentlemen of a certain persuasion), prepare to swoon . . .

The Mad Hatters is proud to present . . . our very own, the one and only, Nobbly (nearly naked) San !!!

P.S. Be kind with your comments ladies. Remember it’s not his fault that he’s little 😆


18 Responses to “Nobbly Nearly Naked”

  1. OMG 😯 That is just gross … I’ve lost my appetite, the desire to drink alcohol and my will to live ….

    (And I’m being kind here)


  2. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 😕 😕 😕


  3. but today’s t shirt friday at the gimcrack. not a corset in sight…..


  4. now a backside image would be even more appealing!

    I noticed that the beach crowd was totally disinterested. In fact, they are nowhere close and looking in the opposite direction. 😉


  5. Oh NO yorksnbeans PLEASE …. I’m already contemplating how I’m going to end it all, after that first image … the backside would really tip me over the top!


  6. This is my new postcard!


  7. God! What a handsome devil!

    Back girls, back! I’m a married man.


  8. laughing hysterically at that pic! duncanr you are so bad to do this to NobblySan! Don’t you guys work? still laughing…. [she she says, shaking her head..]


  9. What a sexy devil! UMMM.. so glad i clicked on the link. I”m totally confused right now about who any of you are and who any of you are with? but I’ll figure it out…


    • delicate flower – let me try and unconfuse you 😀

      DUNCAN : He’s the adorable Scotsman, with a heart of gold. He lives in the UK. (Married to Mrs D)

      NOBBLYSAN : He’s the “sexy” git in that picture 😉 – he’s often in a bad mood, miserly as hell and hates the smilies 😀 – actually he’s a really nice guy 😛 He also lives in the UK. (Married to Mrs Nobbly)

      NOSEYCOW : She’s our lovely resident nursey cow, another very nice person. She ALSO lives in the UK. (Married to Mr Noseycow)

      RATTY : He’s the resident cornish pasty maker, has a sense of humour like you’ve never seen before. He lives in Morocco (ex UK). (Married to Mrs Ratty)

      JULIE : That’s ME 😀 – I live in South Africa. (Living in sin, and looking for a rich boyfriend).

      There’s a few other posters who pop in from time to time.

      None of us are related.


  10. sexy devil – our Nobbly? 😯

    you looking at the right pic, DF ?

    If it’s pure undiluted sexy you’re after take a look at this –

    Click the link in that post to see the sex god that is Ratty (our Cornishman in Morroco)

    P.S. if he offers you a taste of his Cornish pastie – say No !!!


  11. You guys slay me! I see that Ratty has a thing for all things pork! will remember not to taste.. though it’s hard not to taste when such gorgeous guys are offering…….

    Question for Julie: how can you be living in sin AND looking for a rich boyfriend? unless the one you’re living with- in sin- isn’ rich enough? Double dipping, eh?
    I’m sinning, we’re just not living in it…. I guess?


    • Yeah, I like my bread buttered both sides …. I’ve done the marriage bit, the love bit, now I’m looking for the money bit 😉


      • Hmmm…. i take it the current ‘live-ing sin’ isn’t reading? or he’s up for a threesome w/ Mr. Money bags!

        I’m still being optimistic… like you I’ve done the marriage bit, did what i thought was the love thing and now? Just starting so holding my breath…..


        • You can be most guaranteed that the current Mr Live In Sin doesn’t read this site! Actually I love him to bits, it’s just the absent bank balance that’s a bit of a bother!


  12. Nobbs!!! The shoes and socks are a shocker!!!

    What on earth were you thinking!!



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