by noseycow


11 and/or 25 DAYS!

(but who’s counting?) 😆  



16 Comments to “Countdown”

  1. Druncan – if you skip lunch every day till ‘THE DAY’ you should save enough money to buy us all a round!!! 😆


  2. My daughter has just reminded me that its just 22 days to Glastonbury 😥


  3. You going, Nosey?

    No1 son is off to ‘download’ at Donnington with his mate in a week or so.


  4. Which ‘THE DAY” were you thinking of, Nosey?

    Bloody MrsT just popped up out of nowhere claiming to have a birthday in 12 days time. Ggrrrrr!!!!!

    (I suppose June’ll be the next one along claiming to have a birthday coming up soon. 🙄 )

    Going to be a bloody expensive month this is !!!


  5. Duncan,

    Just consider for a moment that we are the Mad Hatters, and that the sole purpose of the Mad Hatter’s tea party was to celebrate un-birthdays.

    It could get seriously expensive if we were to be true to our name.


  6. Good point, Nobbly. We need to be conservative in our celebration of ‘un-birthdays’

    I propose that initially we restrict ourselves to just two un-birthday celebrations – the 1st in 12 days time, and the 2nd 14 days after the 1st.

    Right then, MrsT and Julie – since it’s NOT my birthday in 12 days or 26 days time, which one of you young ladies is going to buy me a dram (double of course) and a pint to celebrate my ‘un-birthday on those dates?


  7. ‘Young’ lady …….. oh Duncan how sweet …. it’s not gonna get you anywhere though 😉


  8. You conniving old git, duncan!

    It’s my unbirthday as well on those dates. I’m sure that the owd biddies young ladies would much prefer to buy me a drink.


  9. Hang on one cotton pickin’ minute …… where’s me grey lady gone?!!!!!!!

    I mean, I love the shades but the blue pointy head is going a bit too far!!! 😆


  10. Well that’s very kind of him Nobbles ….. still doesn’t get him a drink though.

    It’s nothing to do with being arsed about setting up an avatar, oh Nobbly one, the fact is you know I’m no good with anything techy and I’m just a poor little owd lady who works her fingers t’ bone, slaves over a hot microwave ……

    Feel sorry for me yet? 🙂


  11. Well you should be ashamed of yourself then ……. you know I’ve got bad knees!


  12. Mine are rather sexy, actually.

    I’ve won prizes for them and everything:-


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