Well, blogger me! – someone who cares.

by NobblySan


 Check this out…

This is our chance to help bankrupt a fellow blogger.

Bearmancartoons, he of the sharp wit and sharper pencil, has pledged to help those in his local community less fortunate than himself.

Good on him, I say!

I just wish that I had his sort of commitment, but being semi-Scottish, I have short arms and deep pockets.

But this is my sort of charitable donation – where I bash out some gobbldygook on a keyboard, and somebody else has to stump up the cash.

7 Responses to “Well, blogger me! – someone who cares.”

  1. Thanks so much. Short arms and Deep Pockets…we call those alligator arms where I come from. If I could only reach my pocket, I would gladly buy you all a drink.


  2. Anymore tight-fisted gents around?

    You lot had better make sure you can reach your pockets for my upcoming birthday party ….


  3. And mine! …….. 12 days to go ……. 12 days to go.

    Is that a big enough hint ? 😉


  4. MRS T!!!!!

    How the hell are you? I’m afraid you’ll have to leave a bigger hint than that – the boys around here are not too sharp at deciphering cryptic clues 😀


  5. Hiya Jules!!!!!!

    I’ve been making the most of this hot weather ……… ‘doing’ the garden, sunbathing, drinking 😉 (and if you believe that ……. 😆 )

    I’ve been doing bugger all, not used to this heat so I couldn’t be arsed to do owt!



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