Nurse ignores Erection

by duncanr

An ex-con in New York is suing his prison nurse for not ‘treating’ his erection.

For 55 hours Dawud Yaduallah was ‘stood at attention’ – the erection a side effect of anti-psychotic drugs he had been prescribed.

Yaduallah claimed the the only suggestion the nurse (who clearly lacked imagination) offered as a means to reduce his erection was to stick ice on his penis.

Her negligence he claims caused “severe damage to his penis, including erectile dysfunction, inability to ejaculate and pain during sexual intercourse.”

In addition to the physical pain of having to endure an erection for 55 hours, Yaduallah is also claiming for the psychological distress suffered as a result of the teasing from fellow inmates. As Ram would testify, walking around with a boner for 55 hours is one way to get yourself noticed in prison !!!

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18 Comments to “Nurse ignores Erection”

  1. What do you mean “X-con”. Is he now out on the streets?


  2. 55 hours? When I was 12 it was permanent!


  3. Ermm…Anyone know what anti-psychotic drugs he had been prescribed?

    It’s just that a mate of mine wants to know.


  4. Ratty … when you find out, pls share information with me …. I’D LIKE TO KNOW 😈


  5. Maybe it was chlorpromazine or thioridazine. Most other anti-psychotics actually impede erection by diminishing sexual desire


  6. is there something that Ram could use here?? 😉


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