Wives : worth their weight in beer !!!

by duncanr

“Generally the best wife is the wife of oneโ€™s own, all the more if she is harmonious, gentle and able to keep her balance while riding on . . . her man.”

“Intuitive understanding of the signals sent by the partner and becoming one with the partner are essential in both of them โ€“ sometimes also whipping.”

“It is of great importance to find a mutual rhythm. If the wife . . . is rocking out of time, the speed slows down. When the rhythm is good, the wife and the carrier become one accompanying the motions of each other. It is advisable to practise in order to find the mutual rhythm”

No, not what you think !!!

I haven’t lifted these from Nursemyra’s site.

While the USA was celebrating the 4th July with barbecues and ‘bangers’ (fireworks), Finland was staging the 2009 Wife Carrying World Championship in which men have to carry a woman (not necessarily their wife) over an obstacle course – the prize for the winner being the wife’s weight in beer.

The quotes above are taken from the Tips on how to best prepare for the race.

Click here to view . . .

wife-carrying_1387624i-300There are 4 different carrying styles – though competitors are free to create their own individual style.

A word of warning to those thinking of entering the competition in 2010 – if you are thinking of employing the wife dangling down the back style, be sure to explain to your ‘wife’ beforehand that part of the course is a water hazard and that adopting this style means her head will be dragged upside down through water for a time !!!

This years winners were a Finnish couple – Taisto Miettinen and Kristiina Haapanen, in a time of 01:02,090 mins

9 Comments to “Wives : worth their weight in beer !!!”

  1. Duncs ๐Ÿ˜ฏ … is that you carrying Nobbles in that photo? Will you guys stop at nothing for a beer? ๐Ÿ™„


  2. I swear those “instructions” are from the Karma Sutra!


  3. Wow, that would be a lot of beer…..


  4. How about the kiwi accent on that female newsreader?


  5. Where do you get this stuff? You are crazed and very, very funny.


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