Butchers hogging it all

by duncanr

butcher-300In a recent poll asking consumers to rate different professions in terms of happiness and job satisfaction, 30% thought butchers were a happy lot.

When butchers were asked to rate themselves. 76% agreed with the consumers assessment – making them the happiest employees in the workforce.

At first reading, this seems an odd result – until one takes into account another finding from the poll.

Butchers are having 60% more sex than other workers.

Greedy buggers !

No wonder the f*ckers are happy !!!

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3 Comments to “Butchers hogging it all”

  1. My friend Norman is a butcher.

    I’d never thought about it before, but he’s always happy and cheerful.

    It must be wielding his chopper all day long that does the trick.


  2. Well, you know .. we go to the butcher shop to get meat! May not ultimately matter what form it comes in.


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