Pakistanis fear US more than Taliban

by duncanr

A recent poll by Gallup Pakistan asked respondents what they consider to be the biggest threat to the nation of Pakistan. The results make interesting reading –

11% answered – Taliban
18% answered – India
59% answered – USA

The negative attitude towards the USA in part reflects the growing anger over the death and injury of civilians from ‘Drone’ rocket attacks launched by american forces.

Only 9% of those polled supported the drone attacks.

67% opposed USA military operations on Pakistan’s soil.

‘. . . . the hatred against the US is growing very quickly, mainly because of these drone attacks,” Makhdoom Babar, the editor-in-chief of Pakistan’s The Daily Mail newspaper, said.

“Maybe the intelligence channels, the military channels consider it productive, but for the general public it is controversial … the drone attacks are causing collateral damage,”

In another finding from the poll – 43% of the sample were in favour of holding talks with the Taliban

All in all, the USA does not appear to be winning very many hearts and minds of Pakistanis in their campaign against the Taliban.

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6 Responses to “Pakistanis fear US more than Taliban”

  1. we’re excellent at making enemies!


  2. It was frequently quoted from WW2 that if the RAF flew over a Nazi ground formation, the latter would duck. If the Luftwaffe oveflew an Allied postion, the latter would duck.

    BUT, if the USArmy Air Force approached, EVERYBODY would run for cover!



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