Alan Turing – an apology.

by NobblySan

Manchester has long recognised Alan Turing's place in history

People power pays off! (sometimes…)

Following pressure from a number of people, and as highlighted on Andy Holroyd’s blog amongst others, the UK government has finally seen fit to issue a posthumous apology to Alan Turing.

I won’t blather on here, but for those of you who don’t know who Turing was, or what influence he had over our everyday lives, please read the article, or use a search engine that wouldn’t have existed without his work, to find out more about him.

3 Comments to “Alan Turing – an apology.”

  1. Why now? What is being leaked out with this covering it?


  2. I reckon that No10’s spin machine leapt upon this opportunity to be seen to be doing something right, that would be generally popular.

    …as opposed to all the other stuff that they get up to.


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