Danish Girl looking for a Man

by duncanr

You can see more pics of Little August by visiting –


27 Comments to “Danish Girl looking for a Man”

  1. Where’s TL??? We’ve got to show him this!!


  2. OK YnB, I’ve tried to take his mind off soccer moms, and told him about Karen.


  3. Perfect! The breasts are for TL (a huge ‘breast man’) and the bottle for the baby.


  4. Oh for goodness sakes, redo the friggin video minus little August. Don’t you know that the kid is something you spring on the poor guy when he thinks you simply want to get back with him. Geez, you aren’t very good at this, are you?


  5. It would help if the poor girl could remember his name or where he lived!


  6. first of all I was touched by the plight of Karen and August but then I read the comments and now I’m laughing a lot more than I should. I do still hope she finds the father and he turns out to be a decent person who is at least interested in the welfare of the child… though Karen is a pretty gorgeous sweetener….


  7. For the last time, no I did not sleep with that woman, Ms. Karen, and that is not my baby. It’s not black enough.

    Besides, I usually eat my danish, not sleep with them.


  8. OK Mad Hatters well done, very few of you got caught up in the trap (Nurse Myra you softie!!!!!). This is a friggin hoax brought to you by the Danish Tourism department! Nothing like promoting your country as full of good looking women all seeking one night stands. Hmm, suppose it is better than Australia’s “Where the bloody hell are we?” or New Zealand’s “Bah”



  9. OK so now we have several questions: Is this really a trampy woman who got knocked up, a tourism hoax, or is Bearman really easy?

    Inquiring minds want to know.


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