DIY storytime.

by NobblySan

1950s-chimp-overalls_~z115Here’s a daft idea.

Let’s see what variety of stories you imaginative lot can generate using yesterday’s top search engine terms on the Mad Hatters.

They were :-

steven gerrard
jessica rabbit
sexy nurse
aston villa
hairy women

Why? who knows – I sure as hell don’t.

Notes for dang furriners…..

Steven Gerrard is the best footballer in the country, and captain of the best football club in the country.
Aston Villa are an average football club, based justa round the corner from Duncan’s house.
I presume you are all familiar with the other terms – some more familiar than others….


11 Comments to “DIY storytime.”

  1. Steven Gerrard (‘Steve’ to his friends – ‘that Scouse Git’ to everyone else) watched appreciatively as the sexy nurse ran a manicured hand over her stubbly chin.

    ‘Gawd, I love a hairy woman’, he said to his companion. ‘Do you think . . . .


  2. hairy women

    Jessica Rabbit, dressed as a sexy nurse (modelled on one of nursemyra’s corsets) was caught in a yoga position by Steven Gerrard (an overpaid tosser from the world of soccer). She demanded that he change into an Aston Villa outfit (subjegated dominance) whereupon she took his erection between her breasts and showed him the charms of a hairy woman!


  3. Notes for dang furriners…..

    (Psssst Loon … somehow I think that’s aimed at us 😛 )


  4. Jessica rabbit fondled the breasts
    of a young sexy nurse, who was there for the ‘tests’.

    To the drooping sports-man in the mirror’s refection
    she said “Steven! Gerr ‘ard” to his failing erection

    He cried “This is as boring as watching Aston Villa.
    Hairy women and yoga, to me that’s the thriller”.


  5. Mr. Aston Villa sat at the dinner table pouring over the sexy nurse calendar 2010. He salted his chicken breasts and tugged at his uncomfortable erection.

    His recent business venture, “Yoga for Hairy Women” was on the verge of bankruptcy, his wife had left him and he continued to have recurring dreams that Steven Gerrard and he were performing in a touring stage production of “On the buses.” The reviews were bad…

    It was an odd dream but in Aston’s mind, a step up from the Beckham/Jessica Rabbit nightmare that had haunted him since Rome.


  6. Do not attempt yoga with a sexy nurse or Jessica Rabbit because you may find yourself at an Aston Villa match with an erection that can only be deflated with thoughts of Steven Gerrard having sex with a bunch of hairy women with no breasts.


  7. Posed in her most seductive yoga position, the sexy nurse bared her heaving breasts. Steven Gerrard could no longer contain his desire, and moved towards her. He was in full throttle as he fantasized that she was actually Jessica Rabbit. Suddenly, his mind wandered and as the images of the Aston Villa team doing the hairy women played in his mind, his erection ended as quickly as it had begun.


  8. Sexy nurse, Breasts, Erection.

    In that order.


    End of story.


  9. It was the best teamwork Jessica Rabbit had ever seen.
    Aston Villa, moving as one, had an erection.
    Some hairy women practicing yoga thought they did it.
    A sexy nurse with magnificent breasts, believed she did it.
    Steven Gerrard was convinced he did it.
    But Jessica Rabbit knew nobody would ever believe it.


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