Madhatters Guide to Kissing

by duncanr

One of our favourite bloggers, delicateflower, today addresses the problem of erectile dysfunction – or as it is more colloquially known – ‘limp dick‘ and offers an unusual but surefire solution. Click here for details . . .

Not to be outdone, the MadHatters are also offering ‘relationship’ advice today. Being a ‘family-orientated’ site, however, our advice centers on a rather less ‘racy’ topic – ‘how to kiss’


15 Comments to “Madhatters Guide to Kissing”

  1. Some of those make me dizzy just watching.. The lip sucking one looks downright primitive.. I”m reminded of those exotic African tribes w/ the huge misshapen lips!

    But, cute and yes.. definitely more PG than The Goddess of The Garden would normally offer up.

    Are you going into a competing business with me now? Huh? If so, let’s look at an equitable division, shall we.


  2. As I expected…..80% of women want the bad boy. My wife always said that they were fun to date, but she’s never want to marry one.


  3. It takes REAL BALLS to use ‘limp dick’ for a tag…..


  4. How Duncan, how’s about a Madhatters guide to sleeping the hell in ? That should be easy enough 🙂 .lalalalalalalaal


  5. ooh look, waiting still!!!


  6. That eye kiss was like watching a train wreck.


  7. I’ve never been so turned off watching two people kiss in my whole life. Kissing is the most essential skill I want my man to possess. A bad kisser…ugh!


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