CIA Torturers :Modern Witchfinders?

by duncanr

Early 'water-boarding'

Early 'water-boarding'

In the Dark Ages (before electricity was discovered) the threat to a peaceful every day life was not ‘terrorists’ but ‘witches’.

Like terrorists, witches did not openly advertise their ‘calling’ but worked in secret. Fortunately, various physical ‘procedures’ proved effective in extracting a ‘confession’ from them and certain individuals (witchfinders) became adepts in applying those techniques.

In time, the number of reported cases of witchcraft in USA and Europe diminished – in part because of a growing recognition that if you inflict pain on someone then they will do or say whatever you want them to do or say in order to stop the pain – so called ‘false confessions’.

This lesson seems to have been forgotten by CIA interrogators ‘questioning’ suspected terrorists. Just as witchfinders pointed to the number of confessed witches as evidence in support of their claims that torture worked so too the CIA points to the number of ‘confessed’ terrorists as evidence that torture works.

I’ve got news for them. Torture me and I would soon confess (I have a low pain threshold) to being a terrorist. Want names of other folk in my terrorist cell and – if that’s what it takes to stop the pain inflicted on me – then I will finger some other folk (that dodgy bloke in the pub, or the shifty character on the bus). When these guys are hauled in and subjected to ‘enhanced interrogation’ techniques, they too will soon ‘confess’ to being terrorists and you can then loudly proclaim to all who question the worth of what you are doing that you have uncovered a major terrorist cell as a result of applying torture – proving it’s an important, necessary tool in the war against terror.

Reason for this rant? Contrasting legal decisions from opposite sides of the pond.

In USA, a Federal court has ruled that it is OK for the Government to suppress details of the torture inflicted on people held in custody on suspicion of being terrorists –

While in UK, judges have ruled that secret documents detailing torture inflicted on a former inmate at Guantanamo Bay should be made public (a decision the Home Secretary is appealing against) –

5 Comments to “CIA Torturers :Modern Witchfinders?”

  1. Last night, I read the BBC ‘have your say’ comments on the Binyam Mohammed affair with a growing sense of unease.

    There seems to be a growing number of people who think it is OK to torture as we are ‘at war’, or ‘everybody else does it, and always has’. Or alternatively, ‘he isn’t British and therfore must be a terroroist, so he deserves it’.

    The trouble is that anyone who wishes to uphold the actual law of the land is immediately branded a PC nutter, a leftist, or a terrorist. There was much talk about voting BNP at the next election in order to get rid of the terrorists and get back to traditional Btitish values.

    Like torturing witches, for instance.


  2. Surely by now someone has invented a truth serum? Dumbasses! Friggin waterboarding…..everyone lies to get off that thing!


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