Shock for Late Night Pissers

by duncanr

man_peeing250We’ve all done it, I’m sure – got ‘caught’ short’ whilst on our way home in the early hours of the morning after a heavy drinking session.

Times like this there’s only one thing a body can do and that’s find somewhere secluded that affords some privacy while we relieve ourselves. An alley off the main street will do, or a shop doorway (darkened). Even better if it is a shop doorway in a side street away from the main drag.

Having found such a spot, chances are you will remember it and return there the next time you have a toilet emergency.

However, If you think it’s such a good spot for situations like these then it’s likely other people will too. That’s exactly what happened to businessman John O’Connor who runs a music shop hidden away on a narrow lane off Ennis main street in Co Claire, Ireland. and found his premises had become an outside loo for drunken revellers.

ElectricityBARCROFT_250Pissed off with folk peeing on his property, Mr O’Conner has decided to electrocute the buggers.

He has booby-trapped the pavement outside his shop so that anyone approaching it outwith opening hours will receive an electric shock.

Hhmm, Mr O’Connor best hope folk planning to piss on his property are not too drunk to miss the warning signs he has had posted – if someone is given an unexpected electric shock as they attempt to pee, Mr O
‘Conner may have shit as well as piss to clear up in the morning.

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11 Comments to “Shock for Late Night Pissers”

  1. Evening!
    missed you today Duncan…
    Gee? your cuss o meter seems to be on the rise..
    too fucking bad, oh shit! 🙂


  2. Well shit, fuck!

    My father-in-law, a rather distinguished surgeon, preferred the brick retaining wall in the driveway.. He would pop out there rather than use the bathroom. His wife referred to it as the “Wizzing Wall”.
    My sons grew up thinking it was a great thing to see their sometimes scary grandfather outside peeing in the driveway!


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