Saying Goodbye to Dorothy

by duncanr

goodbyeDorothy450Fellow chimps at the Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center in Cameroon, West Africa watch in silence as the body of one of their own is wheeled to her final resting place

Whereas in the past, the idea that animals grieve for the loss of a companion was dismissed as being anthropomorphic more recent studies have led many scientists to revise their opinion.

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4 Comments to “Saying Goodbye to Dorothy”

  1. Such a sad picture.


  2. We used to have a dog called Shona. When she was young she met a white west highland terrier called George in the park. They became friends.

    He and his owner moved away and we didn’t see them for many years. When they were both elderly, George and his owner moved back into the neighbourhood. The first time we met them in the park after all those years, Shona and George recognised one another immediately. It was like one of those soppy romantic films as the two of them ran (on their arthritic legs) towards each other. Thereafter, every Saturday and Sunday I would take our pack to the park at lunchtime so Shona could meet up with George.

    One Saturday morning she was a bit listless, wouldn’t eat anything but I thought she’d brighten up at lunchtime when I took her to the park. She wouldn’t go. I couldn’t get her to move from her bed and when she finally did move it was only to go and lie under the kitchen table. Eventually, I gave up and took the other dogs to the park without her. No sign of George.

    Same pattern on the Sunday. Off her food, listless, hiding under the table when I tried to take her to the park. Again, I left her there and took the other dogs to the park without her. No sign of George.

    Monday morning I met George’s owner in the newsagents. His eyes welled up with tears as he told me George had passed away on the Friday night !!!

    So, a coincidence? Or did Shona ‘know’ that her ‘boyfriend’ had died?


  3. The chimps look like “WTF a wheelbarrow!!!”


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