A most dangerous scam?

by NobblySan

There I was thinking this was the 21st century – an era in which technology is king, so can we really be……

Hunting for hidden explosives using dowsing rods.

I found this post on Bruce Hood’s blog over the weekend, and after a quick read, thought no more about it.

That is, until a follow up comment from a chap (or chapess….) called Techowiz prompted me to get off my virtual arse and click a few links.

My clicking took me to the Ministry of Truth, where apparently a campaign is underway to expose what they see as a fraudulent promotion and sale of explosive detection devices.

I won’t waffle on at length, as Bruce’s resume of the situation, and the subsequent comments on his post, have already saved me the trouble.

Now, I don’t know the Ministry of Truth, I’ve never heard of them; for all I know they could have an agenda that is self-serving and less moral and ethical than the one that they project. But something tells me that they are generally on the level, and that their campaign is a good one.

In my book, anyone making money out of selling superstitious mumbo-jumbo is pretty much welcome to try their hand, whether it’s doorstep religion, or earnest, beardy shopkeepers in incense-filled shops in Glastonbury – as long as they don’t go getting all shirty when someone questions their motives.

But this takes things to an entirely new, and thoroughly despicable, level – risking lives, costing millions and lining pockets along the way.

Have a read, starting with Bruce’s post, and see what you think.

4 Comments to “A most dangerous scam?”

  1. Hi Nobbly,
    This one has me quite uncomfortable as well – the company is based in my neck of the woods – and each evening we see Wootton Bassett in the news with another funeral parade for some luckless soldier blown up. I know these devices are not being used by the British Forces but heck… it is just so damned wrong if there is a British company peddling this trash.


  2. Thanks Bruce.

    If this is the case, then it’s a bloody disgrace.

    Whatever next – cutting corners with safety refurbs on military aircraft?

    Surely not……..


  3. Hi Nobblysan,

    Thank you for taking the time to look into this scam. If you managed to find the New York Times article (available online) you will have seen how much money these fraudsters have made in Iraq alon.
    To see the people behind this fraud look at our efforts over the last 12 months at:
    Thanks to Bruce also for the added exposure.


  4. Thanks for the thanks.


    If I can find the time, I’ll delve deeper into all this.


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