Clever but . . .

by duncanr

not clever enough !!!

When David Perry, 26, decided to become a career criminal he carefully reviewed the various options open to him – armed robbery (too dangerous), blackmail (too uncertain), fraud (required too much brains)

But Burglary – now that was an area he felt he could specialise in. Not for him though the sneaking about in the middle of the night when it’s cold and dark, and you can’t see what you’re bloody doing. No, he committed his 1st burglary in broad daylight. And no furtive, quick in and out job either. He took his time (2 days to be precise) to complete the job. Of course he couldn’t do it on his own. The job was too big for that. He needed help. He selected his accomplices carefully – a local removal firm, and told them he was a relative of the householder and they had asked him to strip the house in their absence.

So far so good – and for a 1st attempt, quite impressive. His lack of experience let him down badly, however, when seeking to convert his stolen property into cash. He was obviously unaware that one of the first things police do in crimes like these is circulate a list of the missing property around local pawnbrokers and auction houses. When he tried to sell some of the stolen goods at a local auction, the police were there waiting to arrest him.

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