Best Place for Them

by duncanr

Not all police have the razor sharp minds and the deductive reasoning abilities of Holmes or Poirot.

Even so, it doesn’t do to underestimate their intelligence. Don’t for instance use your own car – especially if it has a personalised number plate – when setting out to rob a bank.

Brothers, James and Wayne Snell are behind bars now because James used his BMW fitted with personalised number plate – J4MES – to nick a heavy drain cover which the dozy brothers then used to smash the windows of a bank and make off with £100k+

The brothers, and two accomplices have now been jailed for a total of 38 years.

[It’s a kindness really – some folk are just not safe to be let out on their own !!! ]

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One Comment to “Best Place for Them”

  1. This sounds uncomfortably familiar.

    A relative of mine (by marriage, I hasten to add) lives in some far-flung god forsaken place called Canada. His stepson fell in with what is usually termed ‘a bad crowd’ and got roped in to be the getaway driver in a robbery.

    Unfortunately for this gang of clueless villains, the getaway car broke down hours before the big job, but young Alan (as we’ll call him) saved the day by coming up with a replacement at short notice, and the robbery went ahead as planned.

    Next morning, as Alan’s Mum awoke and looked out the window, she saw her car was missing, and rang the police.

    The rest, as they say, is history.


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